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Welcome to my spot on the world wide web. I see you found the Don! If you are trying to build your business or brand, you are at the right place. We offer custom online and offline design, website development services, and online promotion.

We take advantage of free or very affordable online services to market and promote your products and services. I have either personally used these techniques for myself or for my clients with proven results.

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A Little History

Future Productions began as me, DA RIVER, a Yamaha PSR 400 keyboard to make beats, and a freestyle ability like none other. At first I would make beats and loop them on the keyboard. I could make a beat in about 5 minutes. Then I'd spend the next 10 or 20 minutes writing something specifically for that beat.

Eventually I began creating my own graphics and websites to promote my music, and Future Productions grew into more than just music. Once I realized I could record my own music, create my own promotional materials, and distribute myself, I decided I never needed to sign to any record deal ever.

My freedom, being my own boss, has always been the most important aspect of my business dealings.

Some of My Work

Take a look at some of the websites I have built...


The official website for my business, Future Productions, has been ConstantStrategies.com for more than 12 years. It explains the services I offer, such as website development, search engine optimaztion (seo), business cards, virtual assistance, and much more. You'll find my prices, samples of my work, and tons of information to help if you want to "do-it-yourself".

This is a free website with no membership dues. I am able to keep this up and online because I have partnered with many advertisers who actually pay for traffic, leads, and sales generated from my website visitors! This is an excellent way for anyone to earn money from their website, and this is also something I explain in more detail at ConstantStrategies.com.


The Classic Card Game! Download to Your PC and Start Playing!


Funny. Thoughtful. Shirts.


Poker Strategy, Videos, Tips, Giveaways and more...

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